It’s that time once again when Telltale releases a brand new series based on a popular franchise and giving it the signature Telltale brand of gameplay. The Guardians of the Galaxy joins the lineup of Telltale games that revolves around decisions you make within the game. Is it a welcome addition or will it be a forgettable entry? Let’s find out.

One thing I noticed right away when I started playing this game is the graphics. Gone are the drawn-type graphics that they have used in previous games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Batman and so on. Even though it is the same game engine with the one they used before, it seems they have upgraded the graphics in that regard.Game elements from previous games are also present in this one including active-time choices, the Crowdplay that was introduced in Batman and active-time events during fight sequences. One unique feature of the game is Star-Lord’s ability to use his rocket pack to reach higher areas in the game. Another feature that is only seen in this series is the communication function between team members. At certain points in the game you can communicate with your team members and ask them questions through a comm radio that links you to each member except Groot (which I believe is a missed opportunity because I would have had lots of fun hearing Groot say “I am Groot” to all of your questions.)

The game’s story is an original story based on the Guardians of the Galaxy world and the games main protagonists are the five heroes that comprises the Guardians of the Galaxy. These are Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot. The game doesn’t seem to be following the time-line from the movies as evidenced by the grown-up Groot present in the game. So don’t expect anything out of the movie being mentioned in this game. There is however a presence of Thanos which is widely known as one of the biggest villains in Marvel history. It also has the Guardians’ signature soundtrack. What’s also interesting is that they are using song names as episode titles.

The game begins as you answer a distress call from the Nova Corps who is handling a situation on a nearby planet. The Guardians respond to the call and face off with an enemy. You are then greeted with an action sequence that is so cool it looks like it came off from their movie. Although it may seem that you can only control Star-Lord, the action sequence allows you to utilize each of the Guardians in battle. Passing from one Guardian to another the action sequence seems so flawless and awesome at the same time. This was definitely the most enjoyable part of the game for me and it almost seemed like it was already the end of the game and yet this was just at the beginning part.The next part of the game focuses more on the relationship between the Guardians. This was also what Telltale promised the gamers that they will be exploring more on. How the Guardians as a whole function as a group. The intricacies of their relationship to each other. The clashing of their personality and the reason why they work as a unit. It is your job as Star-Lord to ensure that the Guardians don’t go ripping each other’s throats since this is basically a group of the Universe’s most wanted. This is also the part where one of the big decisions happen and it’s about siding with which Guardian. I think it’s brilliant that the game forces you to choose between team mates. It definitely shows that not all members are treated equally that sometimes you need to choose a side when you have to deal with a team that doesn’t get along. At the same time, you also have to choose a balance between what is right and what needs to be done.

I always like how Telltale mimics real-life choices and the ramifications that your choices can lead to. Although we cannot say for sure it’s how it would happen exactly in the real world, simulating situations like these are fun to explore.The next segment of the game forces you to choose on which team member to bring to a mission. Will you go the stealthy route or will you go all-out? Which team member would be perfect for such a situation? These are the questions you have to put in mind as our team goes into enemy territory. This was another part of the game that definitely got me interested because it reminds me of that scene from Walking Dead Season 1 where people join you on your quest depending on how you treated them. This time however, you get to choose who to bring along and rest assured that person will remember that you chose them.

Guardians of the Galaxy is on to a good start and I love how they follow a story that we’ve never seen before. I cannot wait to see what happens from here on out and hope that we’re in for a wild ride. Telltale is definitely on fire.

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Played on a standard PS4.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series: Tangled Up in Blue (PS4)
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Anti-climatic ending