Prey: Opening Hour Demo (Preview) – Dead Space Isolation

In your waking moment, everything feels real. The window blinds open in front of you making you stare at the beautiful sunrise from your cozy apartment. It may seem like an ordinary day. You walk towards your computer, you open your e-mails, and it’s also your first day for work. A suit is prepared for you to wear, and you can simply skip your lovely breakfast when you’re excited to go to the office. Or might as well stay and just let the flow guide you along the way. But who—or what awaits you beyond those doors? Arkane Studios’ demo version of Prey is nevertheless a unique horror experience. How much more the full game?

You follow the path of Morgan Yu (or a female version) in an attempt to find answers and escape Talos I. When the Mimics (shadowy-alien figures that can suck your innocent soul) got loose, everything in your lovely simulated life gets interestingly terrifying. With a digital person of yourself to guide and help you throughout the hellish space-station, there is nothing scarier when Mimics start to blend among things.I played Prey (2006) only on a couple of levels, and Arkane’s version of Human Head Studios’ first-person alien shooter heads to a new perspective from the usual “reboots”. The Prey demo shows that it borrows a lot of mechanics from Dishonored like the crafting system, visual design, and even the core gameplay. But what makes it different from Dishonored is the horror atmosphere in space. I can feel the vibe of Dead Space and Alien: Isolation on some aspects in Prey with RPG elements.

Arkane also added mechanics which you can opt to find an alternative way to get pass locked doors and other puzzles. There is this versatility in the game for players who don’t want linear experiences. Prey shows that it’s possible, even in a game like this, to have different paths to traverse and another way of handling situations. You can use the GLOO Cannon (Gelifoam Lattice Organism Obstructor) to disable enemies with its ice-like element without killing them, then pull out your wrench. Aside from freezing enemies without harming them, you can also use the GLOO Cannon to make platforms to jump on. If you want to save your canisters, be bullet frenzy with your shotgun and pistol – but it’s not suitable since ammos are scarce.I like how everything in the game is interactive, and I bet my ass that this is not the kind of “demo” where it’s a duplicate of the main product gathered in a level where it’s not even included in the final build. You can push, carry, hack, and even use a computer to check e-mails and files like an actual person. I tell you, this is highly an interactive first-person horror experience – which makes it a terrorizing encounter. Imagine, you’re just browsing through e-mails then suddenly, the chair beside you is actually a Mimic. Plus the jump-scare sound effect makes it even more horrifying. Adding to that horror experience, the music is just on the spot for its dreadful atmosphere.

At its current state, Prey is pretty much stable. Hitting 30 frames per second (FPS) consistently is impressive on a standard PS4.

I’m excited how Prey will do on launch this May 5 worldwide. I have this feeling that Prey will definitely be a success.

You can already download the Prey: Opening Hour demo from PlayStation Store (US and UK).

Played on a standard PS4.