When limited edition consoles get to have their unique looks that makes people drool, it’s a prized-possession to have in your living room. Making people say “wow, that’s one awesome looking model of a PS4” is something to boast. But for others, like me, would rather have these themed-PS4 models showcased in my glassed-cabinets and look at them. Collecting limited edition consoles is a goal for every hardcore loyalists and gamers – that’s if you have the cash to burn.

However, not every themed-console models look heavenly astonishing. Some looks flat and dull, while others appears with a simple and enticing design.

I, myself, own a limited edition console. I love the color design, it matches with the tone and as well as the promoted game.

Here is a list of PS4 limited edition consoles ranking from Average to Best:

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – PS4 Limited Edition:

Probably the most horrible design ever for its price. I’m sorry Call of Duty fans, but with its design you can simply cut out orange sticker lines and paste it on your PS4 if you have the CUH-1200 – the design that completely changed the eject and power button from touch-sensors to actual buttons, and the cover plate from glossy to matte.

Darth Vader-themed PS4 Limited Edition:

As a Star Wars fan, I was so disappointed on how it was designed. The console’s top was covered with tiled-Star Wars logos and a huge Darth Vader side-angled perspective. I get that Darth Vader is the most iconic character of the galaxy, but it looked flat and dull. An R2-D2 design would have compensated dullness of the color scheme.

Uncharted 4 – PS4 Limited Edition:

I did mention that the Star Wars PS4 limited edition had a dull design, right? This is true to Nathan Drake’s version of the PS4. They went for the blue-gray design to match the game’s tone, but it didn’t give out the ambiance of what Uncharted 4 really had. Why not a pirate-theme instead? Or a design from the previous installments? It’s not going to rip-off Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag as long as they stay to what the title really had.

Final Fantasy XV – Deluxe Edition PS4:

Square tried a new theme on the newest PS4 Slim, but the design looked like a rip-off of Destiny: Taken King’s PS4 limited edition design. It did strike to me that the scheme looked familiar in some aspect. The black color scheme with gold text prints of Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio’s name and the XV logo go well with its dark-ambiance.

Destiny: Taken King PS4 Limited Edition:

The Cosmos map design with the white finish suites perfectly with Destiny’s atmosphere and theme. It simply looks decent, and with the gold logo design doesn’t seem to look off from the PS4 as well.

Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Limited Edition:

Alright, it may not have the “dark knight” black color scheme that everyone was expecting, but the silver metallic finish compensates Batman’s overall tech. It looks slick than the white finish that Destiny have, and the silhouette of Batman’s cowl and wavy cape just looks absolutely nice.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4 Limited Edition:

I find the maroon and gold a perfect combination. The design is also inspired on Venom Snake’s prosthetic arm. The Diamond Dogs emblem shows that it simply does not look like a game machine but a case with confidential files. Also, please take caution as it reacts with molybdenum lubricants.

20th Anniversary – PS4 Limited Edition:

Now, it’s obvious. The original PlayStation iconic grey design with the colored PS logo makes it a worthy collector’s item for generations. It gives a lot of nostalgia to loyalists and it’s considered to be one of the best simple design ever in this console generation.

What PS4 limited edition console do you own? Do you have any favorite designs? Let us know in the comments!

Image Source: PlayStation Blog