To commemorate the release of Prey, we remember the top 5 horror games on PlayStation 4. This list is based on games I have played and what I feel are the best in terms of horror games. So here they are in ascending order:

5. Outlast

A game that was all about running and hiding. It was one of the first horror games that you can play on the Playstation 4. Although I didn’t really like the games mechanic of the player being helpless and not able to fight back, the game was praised for how frightening the experience was.

4. Until Dawn

A visual novel game that was compared to the likes of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. This was a great horror game that delivered a lot of gory death scenes and scare jumps. I totally enjoyed its cinematic feel and its thriller mystery nature. The story was great and the twists and turns it provided was nothing short of a masterpiece.

3. Dying Light

Dying Light was Techland’s take on the zombie genre and boy did it impress me. The game introduced a different type of zombie that is more fiercer during night time creating a very tense atmosphere once the lights go out. I still feel creeped out when I remembered trying to traverse the game’s town at night.

2. Resident Evil VII

Resident Evil VII was praised for getting back to its roots of classic horror. The jump scares, the unkillable enemies, and the arsenal to fight them off is the formula of a good Resident Evil game. Playing the game in first-person mode was a first for the main series and it worked really well when it came to scaring the players. How much more if you played this game on PSVR?

1. The Last of Us Remastered

Although this game originally came out on the PS3, it didn’t stop me from buying the game again for the PS4 and replayed the whole story. Naughty Dog did a really good job in delivering a zombie apocalypse story. It had stellar characters and realistic combat gameplay. This is one of those games that you would love to play over and over despite all the scary stuff that comes along with it.

So there you have it, do you agree with my top 5? What are your top 5 horror games? Sound off in the comments!