As the countdown to E3 gets closer, I just want to list down the top 5 games I’m excited to hear more about during the Sony press conference and hopefully get a release window to get us more hype for the games. So let’s take a look in ascending order shall we:

5. Days Gone

It’s an open world survival horror action adventure game! I’ve personally been waiting for this combination for years and I’m glad that one studio is finally deciding to deliver. You’re pretty much some drifter just trying to survive against zombie like creatures while exploring a big world. You can use vehicles and you have the option of completing your objectives in more ways than one like going guns ablazing or ninja stealth your way through. Apparently, day and night cycles affect the zombies as well so that adds some time management strategies to the list to expect in this game. You can even craft stuff. Basically, it’s the Last of Us open world so I guess all that’s left is the story and delivery of this game.

4. The Last of Us 2

The sequel to arguably one of gaming’s best stories. Ellie’s grown up, has a tattoo, learned how to play the guitar like Joel said he would during one of the game’s small dialogue scenes and seems to be out for blood. From the studio that brought us some of the most memorable games in Playstation, the bar is set quite high on this so hopefully they can deliver or wow us even more like they always have. What I would love to personally see though would be a gameplay video with some new and tough mutants and a wider array of equipment.

3. God of War

Well Kratos is back and he is as badass as ever. After tearing through Greek mythology, he decided that it wasn’t big enough for him, so he decided to expand to the Norse mythological section of Europe. This time, his son is being brought along for the journey. With an overpowered dad showing him the ropes, the kids in (questionably) pretty good hands. Sure it’s pretty much guaranteed we get alot of mythological gore here and there but with the addition of the kid, I wonder if we lose the bed scenes the God of War series also has. Still excited regardless, especially if I get to fight Thor, Loki and Odin and maybe cause Ragnarok for good measure.

2. Death Stranding

It’s creepy, strange and creepy (yes I just had to say it twice). From one of gaming’s greatest minds, Hideo Kojima, he has been given free reign by Sony to develop whatever he wants and this is what he wants to make. A creepy post-apocalyptic game that involves connecting to other beings (from what I understood from the trailers). The trailers were so weird but I just couldn’t help but watch so let’s see what the latest trailer would show us. Kojima said that he is even going to take “creative risks” with this game and I am excited to hear about that. With superstars under the umbrella, this game just screams high expectations and hype. The game is entering its proper development phase this year so I won’t expect it to be out until late 2018 at the earliest in case anyone’s wondering.

1. FFVII Remake

The granddaddy of remasters/remakes is here. With Square Enix also entering its 30th year celebration mode, anything announcement this game gets will be huge. The PS1 classic becoming modernized after 20 years is the highest of all expectations from the fans. After going quiet last year about this and after destroying the internet in 2015, Square Enix had better say something at least about this game. A remake is what everyone has been asking for years and we’re finally getting it. Now I just have to wait for them to do VIII and my personal all-time favorite IX and let’s not forget VI which still doesn’t have one.

Honorable mentions (in random order):

  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Spider-Man
  • Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • Bloodborne 2

E3 is a huge annual event so let’s also keep our ears opened for some new games that would get our underwear wet.

But this is just a personal list so I would also love to hear what games you guys are excited about. Hit us up in the comments!