In a shocking move by Square Enix via a note to investors that was published in PDF format, they are looking to sell the Hitman Developer IO Interactive.

IO Interactive is most well-known for its signature game Hitman. And with this news comes the uncertainty of Hitman’s future. As stated in the note, the reason for Square Enix’s withdrawal is “To maximize player satisfaction as well as market potential going forward, we are focusing our resources and energies on key franchises and studios.”

It also seems that this has been going on for awhile as it also notes that this was effective back in March 31, 2017. I have not played the latest Hitman game but I really loved their previous game Hitman Absolution.

The latest Hitman, which was released last year, has been well received by critics and gamers alike garnering an average score of 76 on Opencritic across all episodes.

To think that a long standing series’ studio is suddenly in danger of being disbanded makes us think that there is definitely no forever in this world.

Here’s to hoping that IO Interactive finds a home elsewhere and hopefully we get to see a new Hitman game when that happens.