Mother’s day is a special occasion to celebrate the hard work and care that our moms have given us. In light of this, here’s a tribute to the moms in games that help shape our future heroes. This is a list compiling the many moms that we have come across in Playstation games, be it an exclusive game or not. Here they are in no particular order (because really, why would you even rank moms? They are number 1 in all of our hearts)

WARNING: Some spoilers might be in this article so look away if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Edea Kramer (Final Fantasy VIII | PS1)

Edea Kramer or Sorceress Edea was a very known villain/ally in Final Fantasy VIII. You tried to assassinate her in the first few parts of the game but she eventually helps you when Rinoa needed some help. Before she became an evil sorceress though, Edea looked after children in an orphanage that included the main heroes. They somehow have forgotten about all this and regains their memory later on about the orphanage and Edea. Edea was really cool and despite the fact that she was a villain in the beginning, she redeemed herself after they find out she was possessed by another evil sorcerer. And the only reason she was possessed was because she didn’t want to put the burden on anyone else.

Allie (Ni No Kuni | PS3)

Allie was the Oliver’s mother. She was the reason that Oliver (who is the protagonist of Ni No Kuni) went on a journey to a parallel world to find out if Allie lives. A doll that was given by Allie to Oliver came to life and told him about this parallel world. They thought that venturing to this new world would bring back his mother to life but then they only met her soulmate (the parallel version of his mother). Allie died in the beginning of the game due to a weak health but it’s because of her death that Oliver had the courage to step out of his comfort zone. A true inspiration and a kind hearted person that always believed that her son can do great things. She was a mother that I admired a lot.

The Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater | PS2, PSP)

The Boss who was also known as the Mother of Special Forces, was a prominent figure in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. She is the true biological mother of Ocelot and serves as a mother figure and mentor to Naked Snake also known as the Big Boss. She was a passionate and dedicated soldier who took care of Naked Snake and trained him to become the soldier that he is. She was branded a traitor and was ordered to be killed and ironically her own “son” Naked Snake was the one to kill her. She knew all along about this plan but she kept it secret from Naked Snake up until the very end when he had to carry out his final mission. She literally sacrificed her own life to save her children and the country and we all loved and admired her for that.

Mrs. Chu (Sleeping Dogs | PS3, PS4)

Mrs. Chu was Winston’s mom. Winston who was a member of the Water Street Gang was the person that protagonist Wei Shen was keeping an eye on. Mrs. Chu owns a restaurant where Winston and the rest of his gang would use it as their hangout spot. Mrs. Chu is a strong, independent woman who would do anything to protect her son. When Mrs. Chu’s son got massacred in his own wedding, she didn’t stop at nothing to find out who was responsible for it and she ordered Wei Shen to look for them. She then exacted her revenge on them by killing them with her signature meat cleaver. You don’t mess with Winston’s mom or you will be greeted by the end of her cleaver.

Elisabet Sobeck (Horizon Zero Dawn | PS4)

While she’s technically not Aloy’s mom, Aloy was made from Elisabet as her clone. She takes a lot from Elisabet and is even very identical to her. Elisabet was a scientist that created AI that would combat the end of the world named GAIA but she died before she realized her dreams. A clone was then made to continue her work but no one knew what her true purpose was and so her clone Aloy was even shunned from the village where she was supposed to be nurtured and cared for. But all of that changed when Aloy found a mysterious chip that showed her things no one else could see. She rose to fame by proving that she was there to protect the tribe and she became their champion and eventually she saved the world from a threat that wanted to eradicate the world that she lived in. If it weren’t for Elisabet Sobeck’s work and dedication there wouldn’t have been an Aloy in the first place.


So there you have it, five of the best moms in games. Who was your favorite mom? Let us know in the comments! And once again, whoever your mom is, may she have the happiest Mother’s Day ever.