The second episode for Telltale’s take on the Guardians of the Galaxy is here. While the first episode had an awesome opener, the second episode seems to have fallen flat. The second episode focuses more on interpersonal relationships which is in contrast to the first episode’s action packed story.

The episode opens with a memory from Starlord’s past and then a continuation from the previous episode. The game then lets us choose between two scenarios as to where the story will go into. And it takes us to two places where one is a trip down memory lane while the other is a rescue mission.

As the story unfolds, it explores the value of friendship and family and which matters most. It explores the boundaries into which one calls another as their friend or family or comrade. The episode teaches us the value of how it is to become a leader. Of how it is to really understand what other people are going through. Despite this episode not being action-packed, it delivers on the emotional side of things. Who would have expected something like that from a game based on the Guardians of the Galaxy?

The episode also teaches us about trust. Should you be trusting someone you know or should you be trusting someone because they know what they are doing. It teaches us to put trust in our enemies. It teaches us about second chances. It teaches us that their world is not black and white but multiple shades of gray. It teaches us that sometimes in order for us to survive we have to put some faith in other people.

I’m guessing that the title “Under Pressure” refers to the many difficult choices that Starlord has to make. The shots he has to take and the quick decision making he needs to do to keep the team intact and alive. It is also apparent in this episode that the choices from the previous episode will help shape the disposition and personalities of the Guardians.

There were not a lot of changes when it comes to gameplay. There was this one particular part though that was new to the game. It involved pressing the correct buttons in a timely manner as they light up because of a turning indicator. There were also some points in the game that involved talking with the other members of the Guardians for a sequence to progress.

For me, this definitely was not Telltale’s finest episode. It had a slow pace, action sequences were very scarce, and there were more questions than answers. I felt like I was playing through a filler episode. Instead of seeing the game move forward, I felt like it suddenly halted to a pause. I felt like the game took a break from the main story and decided to pursue a side quest. The only time there was progress really to the main storyline was the last part and we didn’t even really get to enjoy that.

I can say though that the highlight of this episode was Rocket Raccoon. He definitely delivered on the story and the interaction. This is probably the first time we get to see Rocket interact with Starlord one-on-one as they usually don’t really interact with each other. Rocket also opens up about his past in this episode which takes us to a flashback moment with him.

I noticed some minor hiccups in the game specifically with its background music. There were parts of the game where the music was suddenly cut off. I’m not sure it was intended or not but the way the sequence was presented, it seemed to me that some sort of music should have been playing at that moment. Other than that, the game is still rocking with some cool soundtrack.

Although I do appreciate that we get more airtime with the Guardians and experience their relationship with each other firsthand, I just felt I was being deprived of the action. I wanted more space fights, I wanted more action sequences. I wanted to see all of the Guardians in action. I wanted to see the chain of command jumping off from one Guardian to another. I didn’t really get to experience that here. It was too far and few in between. The game needs to step it up and I hope that they can improve next episode.

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Played on a Standard PS4.


Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series: Under Pressure (PS4)
Guardians' Bond One-on-OneKick-ass soundtrackStunning Space Visuals
Background Music goes MIAStory Pacing is SluggishQuestion-Filled Episode
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