In the vastness of space, endless mysteries are waiting to be solved. It draws you in with a hypnotic spell that piques man’s curiosity to explore and reach out to where no man has ever gone before. To envelope you in the cold endless darkness that is the void. Welcome to the world of Prey.

The only video game where literally every object you see can potentially harm you or just shake your nerves. When you begin Prey, it welcomes you slowly to a safe relaxing environment. Then it takes that safety and throws it down the trash the next time you wake up. As you search for the true path, mysteries pop up here and there. Then as you creep close to search for clues, the coffee mug mutates and starts attacking you.

Behold the Typhon, a creature so complex and omnipresent that it will be a challenge to go near literally anything within the confines of the halls. The typhons literally come in all shapes and sizes. They can be the magazine, the chair, even that drone that bandaged your booboo. Surprise them and they can actually multiply just cause you gave them a scare. Talk about troublesome. The tiniest ones are the mimics, they are the shapeshifters and are more annoying than cockroaches. Going near one triggers some jumpscare music which can rattle the nerves, but after a 100 or so mimics it just gets annoying that it doesn’t fade off despite already dismembering the little buggers.

Then you move on to the larger Typhons. They have some varied kinds differing in terms of power and size. From the electrifying ones all the way to the Nightmarish giants, Prey is not letting you go without putting the fear in you. While they don’t have the mimicry powers if they see you, they can move like the Flash and pack a punch. And if they’re startled just like the little ones, they will also shadow clone themselves. Not to mention all of them can fire energy balls at you. Making for some really well-equipped monsters. You do have allies though, albeit automated ones.

Behold your in-game best friend, the turret. An automated destructible yet immortal Typhon killing machine. They can never be truly destroyed but they can be damaged enough to be decommissioned. All you have to do is fix them and they’re back in action. You can even fortify them to make them tougher provided your skills are high enough. Each section of the map has around 2-3 turrets and they’re all portable but you need to deploy them for them to function. Once deployed they will kill anything in their range with enough Typhon DNA upon scanning. That includes you if you went to the dark and fun side.

Speaking of which, the Prey has a very unique direction with the skills aspect. Instead of killing monsters or doing some achievement, you need a specific item to upgrade your skills and they’re called neuromods. Acquiring them is relatively easy. You just have to find them or make them yourselves. Yes, I said MAKE THEM YOURSELVES. This is the first game I’ve ever played that allows you to find and even craft the item/s you need to advance the skill trees.

So the skill tree is split between the human tree and the typhon tree. The human tree would grant you the basic stat, weapons, and proficiency upgrades while the typhon tree is where the esper-like powers come into play. From telekinesis, mimicry even to turrets, and absorbing fire and shock damage to fuel your psi pool. This is truly the dark side of your path. You can also mimic mugs or tools to enter places that you can’t with other means.  Crafting is pretty much easy as well. Wherever you look, there are materials to recycle for your tools, ammo and neuromods. You’re basically a space garbageman.

The weapons are pretty basic but the gloo gun sets it apart from most other games. Fire it on an enemy and they slowly freeze until it breaks or moments pass. Fire it on a wall or floor and you now have a stepping stone to get to a new area. Prey is dangerous but the exploration is fun. From zero gravity in space, to using the gloo gun to make new paths, to jumping or sneaking around and finding alternative routes to get to your objectives. Just prepare your melee weapon cause the mimics are EVERYWHERE!

The game gives you the freedom to create your own identity. You start out with no memories and you must find out what happened. You make your way through the emptiness, finding the last traces of human life along the way. Their voices being heard from the mouths of mysterious beings. Deciding whether or not to kill this person or let them live and suffer the Typhon’s wrath. Whether or not you were cold and heartless or a saviour, it does come into play later in the game where you will be given a new objective to do or not.

Prey draws you in and gives you the weight of responsibilities that whatever the outcome is, they’re yours to bear. So whether you retain your humanity, cast it aside to decimate your demons or maximize the two forces together, its all up to you. After many alluring hours in playing this game, the hardest thing I’ve ever done was deploy a turret in outer space and set it in a position to fire against the enemies in space. So be prepared, cause Prey takes being cautious to a whole new level in gaming.

This review is based on a retail copy purchased by the author.
Played on a PS4 Pro.

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Prey (PS4)
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