Earlier this week, the Playstation Store made a new curation program called Discover the Creators where they asked some of the biggest names in the industry to pick their favorite PS4 games so that us fans can possibly pick the next game we might want to play.

They asked Yoko Taro, the creator of the Drakengard and Nier Series who just released the critically acclaimed Nier: Automata last February, what his favorite games were. So it was all natural that the ones he selected as his favorites were Resogun, Final Fantasy XV, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush, Danganronpa, Life is Strange, and The Last Guardian. He also wrote a few sentences each about them but what caught my attention was in what he wrote about Life is Strange. He mentioned in that paragraph that he remembered Remember Me when it came to the studio that made Life is Strange, and he stated this “By the way, Remember Me is still not localized into Japanese, when is it going to be localized?“.

Now it is clear that he is a big fan of Remember Me and wants to play it with Japanese audio and he may be the eccentric genius he is known for but the bigger question is does that make him the only one that wants Remember Me to be localized to Japanese? And an even bigger question would be do the gamers in Japan want certain western games to be localized to Japanese as well?

I know that many gamers in the West want to play a lot of Japanese games that were never translated to English but it seems it works in reverse as well. We might be able to understand the English language and have trouble understanding the Japanese language, much less play a game with it, but it makes me think that maybe we aren’t the only ones who feel left out, those Japanese gamers might just feel the same way as well. If nothing else at least Yoko Taro wants a localization. So what do you guys think?

Source: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/07/11/discover-the-creators-yoko-taros-favorite-ps4-games/