Playstation’s favorite mascot is back and is more insane than ever. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is finally here. The remaster that everyone has been waiting for. The game that people have been requesting for years to get it back alive on the Playstation system. A game we all hated and loved at the same time. Let’s see if it is still as enjoyably frustrating as ever.

Crash Bandicoot first came into our lives back in 1996. Back then, everyone was intrigued at how the game was going to play out. In this remaster of that game, we are treated to high-definition visuals, and all three games for the price of one. I never thought I would find the day that I get to play this game again. I can still remember how I kept getting frustrated with its gameplay, no matter which game it was.

The game still plays the same as it did before. With the first game, you only have three controls. The directional button to move Crash, the square button to spin and the cross button to jump. You go about in each level collecting apples and boxes. If you get enough of the apples you get an extra life. It’s basically like a 3D Super Mario game because if an enemy touches you, you suddenly succumb to death. You also get a companion in the form of the tiki mask. Get two tiki mask and you basically become invulnerable for a few seconds.

The only difference here from the previous game is that you get Coco to play with you. Polly is Crash’s sister and has her own fair share of troubles. We didn’t get to play her in the original game since she was introduced later in the second game. Unlike Crash who just talks jibberish Coco can actually speak and becomes Crash’s spokeperson for anything he wants to express. Crash reminds me a lot of Taz the tasmanian devil since they both like to spin (just a random thought). What I really find funny and endearing about the first game though is the add-on animation that they did at the end of every level where the game tells you how many boxes you missed. The missed boxes will fall upon Crash and if you miss too many boxes it will make Crash lie face down on the ground as the boxes flatten the poor bandicoot.

In the second game, we are introduced to a lot of different obstacles that were not present in the first game. You can also perform a slide and a body slam to add to your arsenal of moves. We are also introduced to Nitro boxes for the first time in this game. Nitro boxes are green colored boxes scattered throughout the levels that when you touch them they explode on contact. But if you get to find the metal box with a green exclamation point it will detonate all of the Nitro boxes.

On to the third installment of the game, we are introduced to more challenging levels that were not present in the previous games. This is also the game where there will be levels that you are forced to play as Coco although you can still play as her in any other level. The third game is probably the most fun and interesting of them all as I believe it’s the main reason why we got all the other spinoffs. We get to experience underwater levels, racing levels and levels where you are riding a jetski or a tiger.

The nostalgia factor that this game gives is through the roof. It really takes me back to the pixelated days of Crash. The kid in me just clamoring to reminisce the good old days where gaming was so much simpler and uncomplicated. The generation of today is lucky that they get to experience this treasure of a game even though the game is much more difficult than it was before. I can feel the pain in my thumbs as I try to press that jump button harder because it seems they still make it so that Crash jumps higher the longer you press the button.

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is a true gem and is a game worth getting by today’s generation. A game that has evolved along with us from the very beginning. A game that gives me hope that other old treasures will one day get the same remaster treatment.

This review is based on a retail copy purchased by the author.
Played on a Standard PS4.

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Image Source: Crash Bandicoot website

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy (PS4)
Nostalgia to the Nth levelCrazy and insane charactersA fun and challenging platformerSound quality is on point
Painful thumbs from button pressingJumps that don't make senseControllers were thrown occassionally