With the successful launch of Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age. I can’t help but wonder what other JRPGs from the past could be well received should they be remastered. So I came up with a list of JRPGs that I believe deserved to be remastered. This will be games that have come out in the PS1 and PS2 era and these are games I personally want to see remastered. Without further ado, here they are:

#5 – Legend of Legaia

This game had a very unique gameplay that appealed to fans when it came out. It is a story about three people whose fates were intertwined and destined to save the world. With the use of an organic weapon called Ra Seru, they set forth to save the world using the weapons and various martial arts technique. I really loved this game back then and I think that it would be well accepted should it be remastered.

#4 – Suikoden IV

This was the game that made me love the Suikoden series although this is probably not the best of the series. It had a simple story to follow but I really liked the simplicity of the gameplay. With over 108 characters to collect it was a game that was as fun as collecting Pokemon.

#3 – Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross was the sequel to the phenomenon that was Chrono Trigger. Though not a lot of people understood this game, it was a beautiful game about parallel worlds and body swaps. Like Suikoden, you had a lot of characters to collect along the way and it even requires you to at least play the game two times to collect all of them which makes for replayability.

#2 – Star Ocean: Till The End of Time

Although there’s already a released PS2 version on the PS4 for this game, I think that it needs a proper remaster. I would love to see an upscale on the graphics or have it get new features that you can’t get from the PS2 version. This was a well-made game and its gameplay was unique at its time. It’s somewhat similar to Tales Of games but more refined in my opinion.

#1 – Final Fantasy VIII

Though a lot of people were more engrossed in Final Fantasy VII’s story, FF8 appealed to me the most. At the time of the game’s release, I was still a high school student and so a game that revolved around school and saving the world was something that resonated to me the most. I hope that this will get remastered soon as I think a lot of people would want to see this happen.

So there you have it, those are my top 5 JRPGs that need a remaster. Which of these games do you want to see remastered? And if you have different games in mind, let us know in the comments!