Everybody’s Golf has its own charm but not enough to be memorable. Everybody’s Golf was actually previously known in North America as Hot Shots Golf. It is a sports video game and is the twelfth edition on the game series. It has been well known for its cartoonish characters and silly take on the game of golf but still considering the dynamic of a miniature golf and the reality of ball physics.

I never personally had any experience with this game on its previous console brothers. So I didn’t have any expectations  with this game. Overall it’s an arcade golf game where the gameplay is really straightforward, you just had to rely on pressing your face buttons that will let you determine what power level meter you wish to use to make an exceptional birdie. The more you level up, you can actually jazz up how you spin the golf ball and add tricks.

You start off by personalizing your characters with the use of in game money or actual money. You can also have up to four players in a given profile; you can experiment on outfits, hairstyle and you can even unlock more items as you go through the game. These customizations can be done in between matches and not just only through the start menu.

This game features three game modes; single offline, online single and multiplayer. What was exemplary for me is that you can actually play your offline character in online mode. While the skills and items that you have unlocked while playing offline is still being carried over to the online world. You also have five courses to unlock when you level up and although map wise isn’t as large as you think, still the exploration is quite satisfying.

You need to join tourneys, so you can rank up but one of its beauty is your club would rank up as well. So experimentation is a must to find that perfect club while ranking up all the other clubs that you have. But essentially, you would still end up using one club than the other. This actually pays off at the end because this garners more rewards, more control or extra power.

Defeating characters also unlocks their appearances which you can wear later on and at times these characters while slowly ranking you up. Other than golfing, by unlocking special activities or reaching a certain milestone or ranking up, you can have side activities on the course such as fishing, carting around or swimming. In online mode, although i haven’t really delved into this mode, it features daily activities that you can use to hone your skills either by yourself or competing through multiplayer. With that being said, it’s actually a very grindy type of gameplay. For instance, for you to level up you need to defeat three characters and for you to get to them you need a two or three podium place for each tournament. This takes serious gameplay time.

Graphics wise, this game features vibrant colors everywhere. Even the characters have these lively, happy characters to them. Little details were added to the gameplay where it gave more depth like the pin above the shot meter indicating the pin height, the option where you get to tee off and how far away from your goal by displaying the distance in yards while your golf ball is flying. It has a solid gameplay and for some who are just looking for casual gaming – albeit this is the game for them.

The excitement would actually come from the moment you hit the three point controls correctly or you’ve hit it better than your competitor so you can go to that goal first. Especially players who have had experience with its predecessor, they would truly appreciate this game since it has upgraded almost all of its content. However, I wouldn’t think this would be enjoyed by players who wants their experience to be more than casual, i.e. with good background story, hack and slash, surprises along the way and the regular changing objectives.

This review is based on a retail copy purchased by the author. Played on a standard PS4.

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Review - Everybody's Golf (PS4)
Traditional and simple swing mechanicClose to realistic golf tactical fundamentals
Grindy gameplayGeneric Character Customization
5Overall Score