Batman: Enemy Within Episode 2 introduces us to a whole lot of things in a jam-packed episode. It’s all about making friends and avoiding to get enemies in this second installment of the game. Let’s see what it’s all about. Once again, beware of spoilers as we delve deep into what the story is all about.

The game brings us to the aftermath of episode 1 as Waller nonchalantly proclaims that she knows who Batman is. This makes it more complicated for Batman as now he tries to balance the trust that he has to build with Waller and at the same time keep good relations with Gordon. Most of the episode deals with how Batman tries to balance these relationships and whether preferring one over the other is beneficial for him in the long run.

I really found it confusing trying to figure out which side to choose because it’s where Batman’s reign of freedom ultimately lies. Whether he’d be able to get access to the right places or not or he will have to navigate the streets on his own. Sometimes, the decision you make to choose Waller or Gordon can have an impact on the people around you and that’s where it usually hurts. Because it’s no longer about Batman but the people he’s trying to save.

In this episode we also see Bruce Wayne build a relationship with John Doe. He did this to get in close with the people who are associated with The Riddler. Depending on how your relationship with John Doe was from the previous episode may have an impact on how this encounter plays out. But I think ultimately you will still get to know them. We are then introduced to three more iconic villains namely Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze and Bane. What I think though is that there are too many villains introduced but too little time to get to know them all. We only get a glimpse of each of them as Bruce Wayne tries to convince them that he’s not gonna sell out the gang.

Convincing these villains that you are up to no good can be a little nerve-wracking because you never know what can boost their ego or not. It sometimes even takes having to go to the other villains for help in order to convince someone to talk to you. I wish they didn’t pack all these people in one episode. There are too many stories and point of views that you can discover from these people and yet you only have enough time to focus on one person.

Another encounter that could prove helpful to Bruce Wayne was his encounter with Tiffany Fox, Lucius Fox’s daughter. I didn’t expect her to show up at a place where Bruce Wayne was keeping things that Lucius Fox was investigating on. It is still a mystery at this point whether Tiffany will join Batman’s cause but the way you handled her in the previous episode will impact how she will treat you here as well. Interesting still is the fact that when John Doe found out about her being there, I thought for sure he was going to tell Harley about her. But to my surprise, he didn’t at it could have very well been because of how I have treated John Doe so far.

The game’s climax involves conniving with the villains to wreak havoc in downtown Gotham and this is where Bruce Wayne is ultimately tested whether he’s just gonna stand by and let Harley and her gang kill innocent policemen. As I wanted my Bruce Wayne to uphold the law, I made choices that made sure people were safe and even chose to disrupt one of Bane and Harley’s killing spree. Even so, lives were lost and Bruce Wayne could not do much about it. The craziest part is that you will have to choose between leaving Bane or Harley behind which will impact the other gang members depending on who gets left behind.

I will leave the last part of the game for you to discover but it does bring into question what happens next in the episode. With the gang torn apart and having nobody in charge, will this be the end of Bruce Wayne’s undercover work or will it make him the next new leader. I can’t wait to see what goes on in the next chapter because things are just starting to get interesting. I do feel like this episode was all over the place, as it tries to introduce us to new faces and at the same time trying to reconcile it with what we already know. It’s a lot to take in for such a short episode but hopefully they will be able to bring it all together in the next one.

This review is based on a retail copy purchased by the author. Played on a standard PS4.

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Review - Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2: The Pact (PS4)
Plot is going strongA new perspective to JokerHard-hitting decisions
Too many characters introducedSlow paced story
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