Apparently, The Last Guardian‘s creative director, Fumito Ueda, has teased his new project with a concept art yesterday on New Year. For those who don’t know Ueda-san, he has been known for great titles like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

The concept art shows a girl on a pavement looking above through the beam of light. But what’s interesting in the picture is the hand of a creature that might be either an enemy or a friend. This clearly reveals that this might be heavily inspired from Ico and The Last Guardian.

However, it’s worth noting that Ueda-san is no longer connected with Sony as most of the Team Ico developers and himself have formed genDESIGN – who helped SIE Japan Studios for The Last Guardian’s final port from the PS3 to PS4.

With the development hell that The Last Guardian went through, we just hope that this new project wouldn’t go the same path. We’re pretty much excited to see what’s in this new game from the brilliant mind of Ueda-san.

Source: genDESIGN