Border Break, an arcade game that was 1st released in 2009 will be coming to the PS4 according to a live stream by SEGA. It is a popular arcade game in Japan that features 10-vs-10 team battles and has a lot of mech customizations and they will all be present in the PS4 version as well.

The game will be free-to-play however there will be microtransactions present to make up for that. There will be a single-player Story Mode for those of us who want to know more about the world. Players would also be able to play Beginner Matches for training against AI, Casual Matches for non-ranked PvP matches, and Ranked Matches for determining spots in the leaderboard.

The PS4 version will be released in Japan sometime in 2018 and a physical version will also come out that will have some exclusive bonuses. An open beta will also happen in February 2018 and doesn’t require PS+ to participate. No news though if there will be a release for any other region outside of Japan.

Source: SEGA