Rejoice Dark Souls fans as From Software has announced that the original Dark Souls will be remastered for current generation platforms and later on Bandai Namco has announced that a trilogy box set will be released for Japan featuring all 3 games, 3 CD soundtrack sets that run through the entire music from the trilogy with over 6 discs that will be available, and the box set itself will be housed in a bookend set that features the Senior Knight and the iconic fire place from the game that can be put together to form a diorama.

Unfortunately, according to Game Informer there are currently no plans for the box set to be released anywhere outside Japan. The trilogy box set is set to cost 49,800 yen ($450). While it is unfortunate for many of the fans to be unable to purchase the box set unless they go to Japan, there is still a lot to rejoice as all Dark Souls games are now available to play in the PS4. Now all that’s left is to wait for an announcement of a complete Souls collection wherein they include all 3 Dark Souls games and the 1st Souls game, Demon Souls.