Many of us were amazed that the God of War series is still continuing, but many of us also wondered what were the other mythologies it could’ve explored and gods for Kratos to victimize, and one of those was definitely about the Egyptian gods and myths. During an Game Informer’s interview with Cory Barlog we get to know the reasons why Kratos went up north.

“It was really looking at the mythology, what it had to offer, its geographic location to Greece, and kind of its overall meaning to the story that I wanted to tell. And then saying ‘Alright, what’s interesting,’” Barlog said of choosing the next mythology for Kratos to explore. “It really did come down to two mythologies in the end. Half the team wanted one. Half the team wanted the other. It was very divided. I finally just had to write up a document on why we were going to go with this one, and why the next one is something that we might explore a little bit later.”

It seems that the team was all ready set for either mythos according to the interview and it seems the deciding factor for them to go full Scandinavian was that Assassin’s Creed series itself was headed for Egypt as well.

“Look man, Assassin’s Creed: Osiris–which was the code name at the time–they’re going to come out right when we come out. I don’t want to have two ‘Armageddon/Deep Impact‘ Egyptian mythology games,”

So while it would’ve been interesting to revisit the pyramids of Egypt, the God of War team took the northern route instead of the south to give all of us more variety and for that I’m glad that they did.

The God of War Stone Mason Edition was also announced earlier for those who want to pre-order it.

Source: Game Informer