Monster Hunter: World will be coming out this week and Capcom has just announced that they’ll be publishing a day one patch on the release date. The patch requires about 815MB of disk space and it’ll add a few features and fix some bugs.

Here are the new features:

  • Unlocks systems that require online functionality such as Multiplayer, Event Quests, and Chat.
  • The Room Service at your House will have an added option to receive additional content.
  • Adds a Gallery mode in the main menu, where you can re-watch event scenes you’ve seen before. The player character’s appearance will change based on the save data used.
  • Adds the mascot character Poogie in the trading area of the base camp after making enough progress in the story. You can pet it to raise friendship levels. Good things may happen when you carry it to other places.

The day one patch will also be adding more subtitle languages for specific regions.

Japan: None

Asia: Traditional Chinese, Korean

North America: Brazilian Portuguese

Europe: Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Arabic

Monster Hunter: World will be releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One worldwide this Friday on January 26.

Source: Capcom