So not only is Capcom doing a collaboration from within it’s own catalogue for Monter Hunter: World but it’s now doing one with Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn as well. The publisher has just announced that there will be a limited event quest for the collaboration and it’ll be available on release date.

Event Quest “Teachings of the Wild”

Quest Level: 5 stars

Requirements to Access / Join: Hunter Rank (HR) of 6 or more

Field: Arena

Main Target: Slay 8 Barnos

This limited time event quest will be available until February 9 08:59 in Japan (February 8 23:59 GMT, 18:59 EST, 15:59 PST). The Completion of this event quest will reward materials that can be used to forge the following equipment:

Palico Weapon: Machine Beast Cat Grinder
One-set equipment (for Palico): Machine Beast Cat series

When all is said is done, your Palico will look like a Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn. You can also get Aloy’s Bow and the special armor that changes your hunter’s appearance to that of Aloy. However, those are being reserved for part 2 of the collaboration which will be detailed later.

Source: Capcom