Everybody’s Golf and Final Fantasy XV are getting a special series of collaboration DLCs. The DLC will be released on February 26 and there is no information if it will reach the West.

It is very uncommon for games to have collaboration DLCs but it seems that the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series is doing what is so rarely done by just about anyone out there.

The DLCs only come in the form of 3 items. The 1st item will be a Chocobo (which will be ¥500 or $4.50), which players can use as a golf cart, to maneuver across the greens. There will also be a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collaboration Cup, which includes Cactuar outerwear. The Cup also has a cap as a prize for participating and a Moogle costume if you ever make it to the finals. And finally, a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Design Cart will be available, although there are no conditions for receiving it.


Source: Gematsu