Review Policy

The PlayStation Hub (The PS Hub), even if it’s a PlayStation-based website, does not tolerate biased reviews towards the brand, especially on exclusives. We respect honesty and transparency in all reviews, and that our scores will not be influenced in any form of monetary exchanges or for advertisements. Our scores will reflect on the product’s current state during the course of it being reviewed, and the number we give the product will be set in stone once the review is published. Given if the product will have future updates or patches, these improvements will not change our decided score. This is to ensure that we critique the product “fairly” during its current state when it was being reviewed.

We respect the importance of “disclosure”. Every review published on The PS Hub will have a disclosure stating if the product was provided by the developers / publishers or if it was bought by author.

A message to publishers and developers – especially PR…

Our scores will not, in any way, affect the relationship between The PS Hub and the developers/publishers. Reviews are purely subjective, it is a form of criticism. Before the review articles are out, all of them are monitored by the Managing Editor.

The PS Hub adheres to the embargoes set by your company.

1/10 (Abysmal) – It’s never great to get an abysmal quality product. The best way to go about it is to burn it.

2/10 (Horrendous) – You might wonder how it passed through QA.

3/10 (Bad) – If it cost a dollar, it would be understandable. With a score of 3, it’s definitely almost far from redemption.

4/10 (Dire) – There might be some fun, but it was still a flawed experience all throughout.

5/10 (Mediocre) – The middle point, it was bad and it was also good at the same time. Just wasn’t enough to stretch it.

6/10 (Acceptable) – Above average. The enjoyable experience can still be dragged back to the abyss if not careful.

7/10 (Noble) – A 7 is not bad, so it’s apparently an “okay” game even if the foundation isn’t that strong. At least it held the “structure”.

8/10 (Cool) – A lot of things to praise in the game. It’s recommended, but that depends on your liking.

9/10 (Grand) – No doubt it’s almost perfect. The flow, the pace, the visuals, and the mind-blowing experience just gets even better and better.

10/10 (Flawless) – A perfect score does not guarantee that the game is already bug-free and optimized. It’s definitely a priority to get when it comes to buying games.

If you have any concerns regarding about our review policy, please feel free to send your feedback to editorial [at]